1.5.6 release
This release fixes an issue preventing creation of Neo4j 5.x DBMSs when not connected to the internet.
1.5.5 release
This release fixes an issue that can prevent Graph Apps automatically connecting to the active DBMS.
1.5.4 release
This release fixes issues affecting:
  • Restarting of DBMSs
  • Installing plugins
  • Opening the DBMS logs folder
1.5.0 Release
This release of Neo4j Desktop brings support for Neo4j 5.
Please ensure you update Desktop as soon as you can to be able to run version 5 in Desktop as soon as it is released.
This version of Desktop also removes support for older versions of Neo4j which are no longer supported (3.x and 4.0). Versions 4.1 and above continue to be supported.
Please note that the in Desktop upgrade functionality does not currently support moving from Neo4j 4 to 5.
1.4.15 Maintenance Release
This release upgrades the underlying version of Java used by Neo4j Desktop and resolves an issue that could occur when downloading files.
1.4.14 Maintenance Release
This release fixes an issue that could prevent the list of Graph Apps from being shown for some users.
1.4.13 Maintenance Release
This is a maintenance release that fixes a number of issues:
  • Fixes an issue that prevented new users from setting up Neo4j Desktop on Windows 11.
  • Fixes an issue where Terminal text was not displayed correctly on Windows.
  • Fixes an issue with dump filenames which caused creating dumps to fail.
  • Adjusts how native notifications are displayed.
1.4.12 maintenance release
This is a maintenance release that resolves an issue preventing Desktop starting on Windows 11.
Security Update - 1.4.11
This important patch release provides some protection for security vulnerability CVE-2021-44228 by patching the configuration of existing Neo4j 4.2+ installations. For full protection it is recommended to install or upgrade to new versions of Neo4j.
New in 1.4.10
This minor release of Desktop addresses issues users behind proxies may face connecting to the internet and other small bug fixes.
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