New in 1.4.6
Improvements to DBMS upgrade experience
The upgrade experience has been made clearer, giving you links to the relevant documentation when you need it:
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If an upgrade fails, logs are now available for troubleshooting as well as backup locations being better signposted.
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Improved Log viewer
All the logs available for a DBMS can now be accessed in the Log Viewer, which continues to be accessible via the … (more) menu for a DBMS > Logs...
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Folder collapsing
Folders within a DBMS can now be expanded/collapsed for easier viewing. Note that files and folders continue to only appear in this view when they are relevant to Neo4j, eg dump files and cypher queries.
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Windows database dump / load and DBMS upgrade support
New releases of Neo4j now contain graceful shutdown procedures for Windows, allowing users to generate dumps and load databases. This functionality also makes DBMS upgrades that require a data migration possible for Windows users. Note that graceful shutdown is only available since 4.3 and patch releases 4.1.10+ and 4.2.8+.
We hope you enjoy these incremental improvements and as always welcome your feedback.